Learn how to to tap into an infinite pool of divine energy and shift your consciousness in a positive way.

Have you felt the high frequencies of energy flooding our Planet Earth?  Everything on Earth resonates to a frequency or vibration and is composed of energy (Universal Substance). Reiki is this energy and is a form of vibrational healing.

Vibrational Healing

“If you wish to understand the universe.  Think of energy, frequency and vibration.”—Nikola Tesla

Since all matter is composed of energy, by learning to work with your own energy, you have the power to mold your creations into whatever you desire.  At this time, our global consciousness is awakening to a higher dimension and we can let go of patterns that no longer serve our soul’s journey.  Learn how to transform your life in extraordinary ways…

Vision Board Workshop

Sunday, Feb. 16, 2022
Time: 12:00 P.M.

Experience Peace and Serenity with Lavender Oil

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Selenite Crystals: The Key to Working with the Etheric Chakras

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Nurture your Mind, Body and Spirit with Meditation

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Welcome to “The Lavender Lady.”

We are committed to a path of healing that is very much needed at this time on Earth.  She needs all the love and light we can give her.  The Lavender Lady Sanctuary provides vibrational tools such as Reiki, Crystals and Vibrational Healing to help us release stress from the body and heal us at a deep, cellular level.  We also provide holistic services…

Vibrational Healing:


“I have been enjoying Reiki sessions with Sue for several years now. Unlike massage, (which I also enjoy) Reiki has a spiritual quality that leaves me feeling lighter and more centered. I feel I can see more clearly and with a calmness that I didn’t have before, allowing me to be more productive in my day and more in tune to my relationships. Sue has healing hands and a kindness that she shares through them. I would recommend a session to anyone! For healing or simply divine relaxation.” – Lisa S.

Sue Marcus has an innate ability, once she gets to know you, to know exactly the stones that you need and would love.  She only deals with the finest of quality.  This is based upon her years of vast knowledge in the spiritual community. It is a pleasure purchasing stones and getting the necessary information that is needed for your journey.” – Denise S.

Reiki Healing

Crystal Healing Activation


Meditation CD's

Angel Aura Anandalite

Crystal of the Month

Green in Black Tourmaline

Properties: Grounding, Connecting to Mother Earth, Joy, Healing, Purification, Protection.

Green in Black Tourmaline is a mixture of both Tourmalines. Green Tourmaline has a beautiful vibration that stimulates joy and bliss for life! It will also attune you to Mother Earth and ground your energies. It is very beneficial in healing your Physical Heart.

Black Tourmaline protects you from electromagnetic frequencies. It draws out all toxins and negativity from your physical body. Helps with the purification process.



“I ground my energies into Mother Earth and heal my Auric Field”

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