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Reiki (pronounced Ray-Kee) is an ancient,  Japanese relaxation  technique that can promote healing.  In Japanese, it translates to “Universal Life Force Energy.”  This “Universal Life Force Energy” flows through chakras or energy meridians in the body.  It is administered by laying of the hands on the chakras that are associated with major organs in the body.  Reiki connects us to our divine source which sparks the creation of life.

Life force energy or “Ki” flows through our energy centers.  Chakras are a Sanskrit word that means “wheels of light.”  We are alive because “ki” or “Life Force Energy” is flowing through us.  It animates every living thing on the planet.  “Ki” also flows around us in an electromagnetic energy field called “The Aura.”

In the beginning, Reiki Calligraphy was a system of meditation used by the Tibetan Lamas.

Chakras are Gateways for our “Ki” to flow in and around the physical body.  There are 7 major chakras in the physical body.  The Etheric or Higher Chakras are above our head.  Our “Soul Star Chakra” resides 12 inches above our head.  The Stellar Gateway connects us to the upper chakras (9-12).  At the 12th chakra, our “Higher Self” is located.  This is the higher aspect of our physical self which is connected by an invisible cord of light to our “Lifestream.”  To make the spiritual progression, working with your higher chakras is highly beneficial.

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What Does a Reiki Treatment Feel Like?

Benefits of Reiki

This gentle, yet powerful healing treatment feels like a glowing radiance flowing through your entire being. The joy of Reiki is a gift you can give yourself every day. The advantages of treating yourself are multi-faceted.  You can maximize this healing energy as part of your daily spiritual discipline.

The more frequent you treat yourself and others the more powerful the energy you are transmitting.  A vital component of healing is being able to open your heart to compassion and generosity.  

Reiki amplifies all other treatments including medical care, holistic treatments such as Massage, Crystals and Physical Therapy.  Your results will be amazing!!!

  • Reduces pain and treats chronic conditions such as headache, back pain, allergies and arthritis.
  • Releases stress and anxiety.
  • Balances and aligns your chakras.
  • Emotional balance and equillibrium
  • Boosts immune system.
  • Recovery from surgery.

History of Reiki

Dr. Mikao Usui

Dr. Mikao Usui discovered a healing formula while studying the Buddhist sutras.  It was on the holy mountain, Mount Kuriyama that he had an extraordinary mystical experience where he learned how to activate healing energy.  He called it “Reiki.”

Dr. Usui was a teacher at a Christian boy’s school.  When one of his students asked him how Jesus healed people, he didn’t have the answer.  His faith was completely shaken and he went on a quest for several years.  It led him to study the Buddhist sutras where he discovered a healing formula but didn’t know how to activate it.  The Head of the monastery recommended to Dr. Usui that he travel to the holy mountain of Mt Kuriyama (in Japan).  It was on this quest, he planned to pray, meditate on the Buddhist Sutras and fast for 21 days.  Dr. Usui knew he would find the answers to his questions.  He had hoped he would be able to access spiritual knowledge that was described in the Buddhist Sutras.  To keep track of the time, he placed 21 stones in front of him.  At the end of each day, Dr. Usui would discard one stone.

The 21st Day

During his time on Mt. Kuryiama, Dr. Usui  read the Sutras, sang and meditated.  Nothing happened until the 21st day.  Dr. Usui saw a bright light moving towards him at an extaordinary speed.   The light became larger and hit him in his forehead.  He saw many bubbles of vibrant colors similar to a rainbow and was amazed at how beautiful they were.  Dr. Usui saw Sanskrit symbols in gold in the bubbles.  This was the birth of Dr. Usui’s system of Reiki.

Dr. Usui walked the streets of Kyoto with a large torch.  When asked why he did this, Dr. Usui said he was in search of people looking for the true light–in need of healing.  Dr. Usui realized an important ingredient of healing with gratitude.  When we are grateful, we are open and receptive to receiving many blessings.

Dr. Mikao Usui created the “Ethical Principles of Reiki”

Dr. Usui’s Ethical Principles

Just for Today, Do Not Worry,

Just for Today, Do Not Anger,

Honor your Teachers, Parents and Elders,

Live your Life Honestly,

And Show Gratitude for Everything.

“Cherub” (The Angel Dog)

Animals are gentle, loving beings who have come to Earth to give us love, companionship and nurturing.  They are very open to Reiki and love being in the wonderful loving healing energy.  In the beginning of my Reiki path, Cherub, an adorable Pekingese dog came to me.  The owner was in rescue work and had a small Pekingese dog named “Cherub.”

Cherub was chewing on his fur and had developed a skin condition.  Several years before when the rescue group found him, he had bubble gum matted on his fur.  Since animals have similar reactions when abused or mistreated, Cherub remembered this traumatic experience.  He was still trying to get the gum out of his fur.  Cherub had the negative memory imprinted in his subconsciousness.  He came for several treatments and slowly began to trust again.  He no longer isolated himself from his other dog friends in his house. Cherub was playful and improved tremendously.  I feel blessed to have known him. Thank you “Cherub,” a beautiful angel dog who graced everyone with his presence.

“Reiki is Love…  Love is Wholeness…  Wholeness is Balance… Balance is Wellbeing….  Wellbeing is Freedom from disease.”   

– Dr. Mikao Usui

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