Are you embracing the present moment? We have so many choices available at this time. Although there have been challenges living in modern times, the energy is crackling with new potential. We are at the end of a 26,000 life cycle and can choose to experience a profound sacred transformation.

Meditation has multifaceted benfits and can jumpstart our day. Breathe in your Life Force into your lungs and Heart. Opening our energy fields and physical boddies to new, pure energy. All we need to do is sit and receive the blessings from the Divine!

Meditation has been around for thousands of years and has never been needed as much as it is in modern times. This is an unprecedented time on the Earth and we are navigating unchartered waters. Many have been affected by world events they have no control over. Meditation can help us establish a stillpoint within our Chakra Pillar. This is a place inside our physical vehicles which is quiet and completely still. We can tap into the untapped places of spiritual consciousness.

Meditation can help us re-focus and remove ourselves from all outside distractions. This can affect a positive change in our physical body. As we release stress out of the body and turn our attention inwards, we can experience a state stimilar to nirvana. After going deep into meditaiton, we come back to our present reality renewed and re-energized.

Some meditate to releas stress from their body and achieve a deep, relaxed state. While others are more serious in their meditation practice, they look for a deeper purpose and meaning in their life. As we commit to a spiritual practice, we can accelerate our spiritual evolution and experience a profound transformation.

Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing and Meditation go hand-in-hand. While in meditation, we can also balance and align our Chakras (Energy Centers). Our chakras are associated with major organs in the physical body. Allowing our “Ki” or “Life Force Energy” to flow in a natural, harmonious way is one path to optimal health. In meditation, we breathe in Life Force Energy into each chakra until you feel your energy center balanced. If you are visual, you may see the colors of the chakras changing. If you detect blurriness in the color, more work needs to be done. Meditation is a learning process and releasing thoughts need to be mastered. It is also a doorway to freedom. Experiencing the stillness of your soul…

Practicing mindfulness as well as meditation can help us in our daily lives. Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we are doing. It is beneficial to remove ourselves from all outside influences. Meditation allows us to be mindful when we still our mind and body. Breathwork is also excellent in allowing us to stay in the present moment. Connecting our inner or Divine Self, during meditation, will open up the door to experience deep insights or AHA moments.

Silencing the mind and giving ourselves the gift of nurturing ourself will infuse energy into the body. Breathe and energize youself with meditation every day and you will reap the benefits.

“Quiet the Mind and the Soul will speak.”

Have a beautiful weekend!





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