Are you ready for a new era on Earth? Crystals were used extensively in ancient times for healing, meditation and connecting to the spiritual realm. Throughout the ages, crystals have been sought for their enormous power and beauty. People carried crystals as talismans of protection, luck, love and good fortune. I am focusing this blog on “Selenite Crystals,” that are said to hold the key to connecting with your Etheric or Transpersonal Chakras above your Crown Chakra.

Selenite is used to open and activate the Crown and Soul-Star chakras. They can accelerate our spiritual growth quickly. Use this crystal at the Heart Chakra or 3rd Eye Chakra, and you may find the energy moves onto your Crown Chakra. It can also clear out any negative or blocked energy around the Crown Chakra, and then energy flows freely via the Stellar Gateway to the Soul Star or 8th Chakra.

When the doorway to the Etheric Chakras has been opened, the Higher Self can establish itself by grounding in the Light Body of an individual and preparing for a spiritual initiation into higher levels of consciousness. Selenite wands can direct this energy  throughout the body and can be used as “magical wands” or “prayer sticks” which carry your intentions and thoughts to the Higher Self and beyond.

The Stellar Gateway

The purpose of the Stellar Gateway is to receive cosmic and Divine energy. You can receive wisdom, compassion and a constant connection to Divine Guidance. “Stellar” means related to the stars  and when the gate is fully open, you can access Star Energy (at ultra-high frequencies). The Stellar Gateway is like a spiritual barometer that measurees the intensity of light our energetic field can hold. The Soul Star Chakra is the filter hrough which the light is measured and flows. The Stellar Gateway and Soul-Star chakra are portals through which very high-frequency light can enter our Etheric body.

The Soul-Star Chakra

The color in this chakra is white or gold and is known as the “Seat of the Soul.” The Soul Star Chakra is associated with the origin and enlightenment and the principle of Ascension and to the ideal, “I transcend.” The chakra’s meaning is about letting go and allowing Divine light of spirit to fill your life. It is the 1st Transpersonal chakra and is at the point where spiritual energy and Divine Love enters the body.

Selenite is a powerful tool for cleansing your Auric Field. You can take a Selenite Wand and use it like a paintbrush in the Auric Field clearing any scattered or blocked energy around the physical body. I always use this method while facilitating Reiki and Crystal Healing sessions.

Selenite is also a very protective stone and shields a person or space from negative energy. The powerful energies of Selenite help one connect with your own guides, guardian angels, Christ Consciousness and Higher Self.

Selenite calms and soothes, bringing a deep peace into your physical body. You can also use Selenite in a grid around your home or in the corners of a room to create a safe and peaceful space.

These crystals or healing wands are ideal for healers and can be very effective in scanning the body and dissolving blockages within the chakra system.

Have an amazing Spring!





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