Essential Oils

Essential oils were the first known medicines.  They were called “Vital Life Essences” because they were the very soul or the flower or plant.  Ancient civilizations believed essential oils (extracted from plants, flowers, trees and herbs) were a gift from the Divine.  Essential oils uses of Frankincense and Myrrh were rubbed on the baby Jesus’s feet.  These beautiful, fragrant gifts were known for their medicinal and therapeutic properties.

Essential Oils Uses

Essential oils are one of the purest forms of energy on Earth.  By introducing frequencies that are specific to our physical needs, we enable and strengthen our bodies at the cellular level.  Aromatherapy releases the energetic signature of the plant and transfers that to our energy field.  Since illness originates in the auric field, essential oils are the perfect prescriptions in treating imbalances in our energy field.

“Make these into a sacred anointing oil, a fragrant blend, the work of a perfumer. It will be a sacred anointing oil.—Exodus Verse

The Ancient Aromatherapists

Essential oils uses in ancient Egypt

Aromatherapy can be traced back to ancient civilizations where essential oils uses were on a daily basis.  The Ancient Egyptians were one of the first known Aromatherapists.  They were masters of spiritual alchemy as they created unique prescriptions for healing.  The Ancient Egyptians knew the essential oils uses were healing for medicinal, spiritual and also cosmetic purposes.

Cleopatra was known to add many different oils to her daily baths to enhance her beauty.  She was a master of perfumery.  It was known Cleopatra had the sails of her barge soaked in perfumes and her gowns scented with the finest perfumes in preparation for her first meeting with Mark Antony.

Incense was burned daily in Egyptian temples to honor all celebrations.  The Egyptians believed certain scents could raise awareness and promoted a state of tranquility.  During spiritual rituals, the Egyptians anointed their bodies with oils and burned Frankincense, Myrrh and Sandalwood to glorify the “Gods.”

How Does Aromatherapy Work?

Aromatherapy is a very powerful tool because our sense of smell is directly connected to the nervous system and the brain.  When we inhale a fragrance, olfactory receptors in our nostrils transmit a message to the limbic system of the brain.  This is the part associated with memory, emotion, moods and instinct.  A physical and/or physiological reaction is triggered by your sense of smell.

Therapeutic properties were validated in the 1920’s when a French Chemist Rene Gattefosse burned his hand in a lab explosion.  He plunged his hand into a jar of lavender oil.  The Lavender Oil numbed the pain in his hand.  He was amazed that the Lavender Oil seemed to hasten healing.  Gattefosse went on to study the therapeutic properties of Lavender and other essential oils.  He was nicknamed “The Father of Aromatherapy.”

The Power of Scent and Vibration

Everything on Earth is composed of energy and resonates at a frequency of its own personal vibration.  Frequency is defined as a measurable rate of electrical energy between two points.  Clinical research shows that essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man.  High frequencies live in an energetic field where illness and disease cannot survive and energetic forms such as essential oils and crystals can make a positive impact on our immune system.  In working with Vibrational Aromatherapy, we choose a particular essential oil for the vibration (the oil resonates with).

Bruce Tanio of Tanio Technology built a BT3 Frequency Monitoring System.  This device used a highly sensitive sensor to measure bio-electrical frequencies of plan nutrients and essential oils.

During the study, these results were recorded:

  • Fresh produce measures up to 15 MHZ
  • Dry Herbs – 12-22 MHZ
  • Fresh Herbs – 20-27 MHZ
  • Essential oils start at 52 MHZ and go up to 320 MHZ –Rose Oil

Essential oils uses for meditation are a great tool.  They activate and open the chakras (the energy centers in our body). These are associated with major glands in the physical body.  To uplift your energy, work with your essential oils daily and you will love the spiritual progression.

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