The Essence of Manifestation


Do you know what you truly want to manifest? This is a great time to have a fresh start in the New Year. Have crystal clear intentions and focus all your emotional energy in creating all that you desire. It is very powerful to write your intentions down as well as saying them out loud with enthusiasm and passion! Pen a poem or a song to feel inspired! I love to create a vision board as well as work in a journal with my intentions and add details in creating my goals/intentions.


What is a Vision Board? 

A Vision Board is a pictorial representation of your dream life (Creating your Heart’s Desire). It is similar to collage art (placing pictures, images and words and phrases on Poster Board or Oak Tag. The difference between the two is Vision Boarding places you as an active participant in manifesting your dreams by focusing on your Vision Board on a daily basis (followed by meditation and Creative Visualization).
Creative Visualization is a powerful technique which allows you to tap into your imagination to manifest what you want in your life. One of the most powerful senses we possess is our sight (being able to see and record in our body how a picture makes us feel). We often use Creative Visualization while we daydream and wonder what our life would be like if we had everything we desired.
Come birth your dreams in the New Year onto the Earth. A New Reality is being Created.
Vision Boards are evolving. They serve as a platform to help us manifest but there are so many other ingredients we need to add to the mix. We can learn to tap into the essence of what we desire. By knowing the essence of what you want, you can open the door to infinite possibilities. 
Is it a particular item or something abstract that you want? A feeling exists to having a particular item or manifestation. When you magnetize something specific, ask yourself what essence or function do I want this manifestation to have.
For example maybe you’re looking for a new job or a position in a company, you need to imagine how having what you want will make you feel. This expands our vision because the form of the manifestation can come in many ways. Do you want a fast-paced job or something else? Adding details for your manifestation will clarify your intentions. What feeling is associated with the new job? Is it joy, excitement, enthusiasm or success. Fill in the blanks as you choose. Anything is possible.
“The Things I Create are Even Better than I Imagine Them to Be”


After you capture the feeling, take the steps to accomplish you goals. Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. Your feelings and emotions will magnetize what you are thinking about and feeling. Once you have decided to make your manifestations a priority, direct your energy to what you want on a daily basis. 


Pick one or two of the most important things you can create in your life and focus on them. Your skill in magnetizing will evolve and things will come easy for you.


Many blessings on your new creations in 2020!






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