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How is everyone doing in these transitional times? While we are facing challenges in our lives, we can affect a positive change by embracing transformational tools that can help us.  Our health needs to be a #1 priority and set a foundation to achieve optimum health in our physical bodies.

As we are living in these transitional times, we need to find tools that can help us survive in moments of crisis.

I have been a lover of Aromatherapy for as long as I can remember. At the beginning of my spiritual journey, I was gifted with an essential oil blend and loved the energy that came from these Vital Life Essences. Essential oils were named Vital Life Essences because they are the very soul of the plant. While using essential oils, you are bringing the amazing energy imprint of the plant into your Auric or Energy Field. It is a sacred gift from the Divine and a unique treasure from the Natural Kingdom.

Aromatherapy has multifaceted benefits in balancing your emotions and shifting your energy. It was known as a healing modality, in ancient times. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans practiced Aromterhapy to heal the sick, raise spiritual consciousness and added essential oils to their beauty products. Cleopatra used Aromatherapy in her daily beauty skin regimen and attributed her youthful appearance to essential oils.

In Modern times, Aromatherapy is added to beauty and skincare products, used in holistic treatments and applied to the chakras to balance our energy centers, among many others. Diffusing certain oils will affect an emotional response in the physical body and can change our emotional state in a positive way.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a very powerful tool because our sense of smell is directly connected to the Brain and Central Nervous System. When we inhale a fragrance, a message is sent to the Limbic portion of the Brain. This is the part of the Brain that is associated with memory, emotions and moods. This validates why we as human beings can have a positive effect on our physical body and heal ourselves at a deep cellular level. Clinical ressearch has shown essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man.

In times of crisis and trauma, our emotional bodies shut down and we are vulnerable to stress impacting our physical bodies. To balance and center yourself, grab a bottle of your favorite essential oil. When you apply essential oils to the skin (always mix with a carrier oil except Lavender), it is immediately absorbed into your bloodstream and can work its magic.

Lavender is an incredible and a very versatile oil. She was nicknamed “Mother of Aromatherapy” because she can do almost anything. Lavender blends well with numerous oils. It is very beneficial to create an essential oil blend of Lavender with Rose or Ylang-Ylang. If your energy is depleted or you’re stressed, diffusing these oils will uplift and relax you. A diffuser releases Aroma vapors into the atmosphere and creates profound changes in our living environments. Using Aromatherapy is breathwork will also transform and calm your emotions.

Some other oils to experiment with: Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandlewood Jasmine or Rose Geranium, to name a few. If you need grounding, Cedarwood or Vetiver are excellent choices.

I also recommend Young Living Essential Oil Blends. Some of my favorites include:

Release (beneficial for releasing emotional issues)

Joy (very high vibration and is great to apply as perfume – inspires positivity
Awaken (wonderful meditation oil)
Dreamcatcher (promotes a restful night sleep and inspiring dreams)
Thieves (boosts immune system)
Valor (promotes courage and determination)
Peace and Calming (calms your emotional state and infuses serenity into your entire physical body).


Aromatherapy Recipes


De-Stress and Relaxation Formula

7 or 8 drops Lavender Oil,
2 drops Rose Otto Oil,
4 drops Frankincense Oil,
2 drops Myrrh Oil,
Fill 15 ml. bottle 3/4 carrier oil of your choice. Some include: 
Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Evening Primrose Oil. Add essential oils. Shake the bottle vigorously. Ready for use.


Unwind with an Epson Salt Bath

1 Cup of Epson Salts.
Mix 10 drops of Lavender Oil,
7 drops o Ylang-Ylang Oil,
4 drops of Rose Geranium Oil,
Soak in the bath and feel renewed.

Sending you blessings of love, light, peace, joy and abundance of good health!




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