Activate your Kundalini Energy (located at the base of your spine) with Anandalite Crystals

Do you work with high-vibrational crystals?  Crystals have  been around since ancient times and have extraordinary healing powers.  We are drawn to their beautiful, aesthetic appearance and sparkling energy.  Crystals were used in ancient cultures for raising the consciousness and tapping into mystical and magical energies.  Whether you would like crystals to charge your home or office, balance your chakras, heal physical ailments or balance your emotional state, crystals are widely sought in modern times.  There are several gem and mineral shows all over the world displaying unique and extraordinary gems.

One of my favorite crystals is Anandalite Crystals, ideal for awakening the Kundalini Energy and one of the “Stones of the New Consciousness.” They can accelerate our spiritual evolution and provide Tools of Transformation for crystal seekers .  Some other crystals that can attune you to the higher frequencies of light are:  Azeztulite (activates your light body), Rosophia (Soul of the World) and Crimson Cuprite (The Divine Feminine).  They are invaluable tools in tapping into the higher frequencies or our Etheric Body.

Anandalite is an unusual variety of high vibrational Quartz from India.  Anandalite derives its name from a Sanskrit Word, “Ananda” meaning Divine Bliss.  It stimulates and activates the entire chakra column, allowing the energy dormant at the base of your spine (your Kundalini Energy) to be awakened.  Kundalini Energy is “Serpent Fire Energy” that can help propel us on our spiritual journey to a higher way of being.  The vibrational frequency also helps activate our Light Bodies and stimulates our energy fields.

In healing, Anandalite can clear blockages in the chakras, fills our cells with spiritual light and activates one’s Divine Blueprint.  It also opens and activates the 3rd Eye, Crown and Soul-Star Chakra (8th chakra).  The Soul-Star Chakra is also called “The Seat of the Soul.”  Working with and activating this chakra will allow you to access divine esoteric wisdom from your Higher Self.  This is very important as the Earth is also ascending towards a higher dimension and vibration.

The Soul-Star Chakra is also one of the Transpersonal Chakras and located 6 inches above the Crown Chakra.  It is usually white and gold in color.  The Soul-Star Chakra can be seen as an “ETHERIC STAR OF LIGHT.”  It is also called “The Seat of the Soul” because it connects our Soul to enlightenment by sending it divine light, love and spiritual awareness.  Through the Soul-Star, you ground your Divine Essence into the physical body.   You are able to transcend any limitations and you can embrace your life as a spiritual being.

Anandalite energy is felt as a profound opening of the Heart Chakra and helps release blocked emotions.  It brings divine joy into your heart.  It is also a stone of deep peace and spiritual awakening.  It has a calming and centering effect and helps release stress from the body.

Coming Soon:   Crystal Healing Workshop and Crystal Boutique in April.  See my Workshop/Events Page.

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