Essential oils have been around since the beginning of time…They are a gift from the Divine and have multi-faceted benefits. Aromatherapy uses therapeutic properties of essential oils to create wellness in the physical body and can shift our energy in a positive way. Each oil has antibacterial and antiviral properties that can help boost our immune system and keeps germs at bay.

Frankincense was a sacred oil in ancient times that had a value greater than gold! It was considered holy and was used in ancient meditation and healing rituals. Frankincense is the dried sap of trees in the Boswellia genus.  These trees grow in the Mideast.  When dried, the sap is burned as incense and thought to have several medicinal properties.  The scientific name is Boswellia Carterii. Frankincense essential oil has an uplifting, earthy aroma that is perfect for grounding and connecting to the Earth’s Crystal Grid. 

Frankincense was found in ancient Egyptian’s medicinal text. It was burned daily to promote good health and boost the immune system.  It has been long revered in the Middle East countries where it has been used in spiritual and religious ceremonies as an anointing oil for thousands of years. It is also a popular ingredient in cosmetics. Frankincense has been often used as a sedative that has been known to induce a feeling of spiritual reverence. It has also been known to treat insect wounds and bites. 

Frankincense awakens insight and make you more introspective and helps release stress, anxiety and anger. It is a great essential oil to diffuse in the atmosphere.  Inhaling the fragrance relaxes you and infuses serenity into your physical body.  You can also burn Frankincense as an incense, creating a beautiful, peaceful atmosphere and is ideal for meditation.

Frankincense was one of the oils given to Jesus when he was born. It is a very powerful oil and resonates to a very high frequency (147 MHZ).  It is very beneficial to apply the oil to your 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras (during meditation).  Since oils are very powerful substances, you need to dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil of your choice.  My favorites are Jojoba or Almond Oil. I also love Young Living’s V6 Massage Oil Complex. Some other benefits of Frankincense Oil include: it is used extensively in skincare in maintaining radiant, healthy skin.  Frankincense is an active ingredient in skincare products and a wonderful addition to daily moisturizers. It reduces signs of aging and repairs damaged skincare cells thus reducing signs of aging and scarring. Frankincense blends well with Lavender, Myrrh, Sandlewood and Orange Oils.

Meditation Blend:

Fill 3/4 of an amber bottle with the carrier oil of your choice.

Add 4 drops of Frankincense Oil, 3 drops of Myrrh Oil, and 2 drops of Rose Otto Oil. 

Mix together by shaking bottle. Anoint your 3rd Eye, Crown Chakras or apply to your hands.

Rub your hands briskly together and inhale the aroma. Enjoy  your meditation.

Enjoy the aromas of the holidays!




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