As the Earth has accelerated her spiritual evolution, we also have a unique opportunity to evolve as co-creators with the Divine.  We are powerful beings of light and manifestation!  We need to step up and claim our Divine Birthright as Sovereign Beings of Light.  “Manifesting Through the Quantum Field” is a powerful meditation technique for tapping into the vast field of pure potential, also known as Zero Point Energy.

Are you being challenged by polarized conditions and unresolved karma?  Since we live on a planet immersed in duality, it is almost impossible to create the life we want.  The constant push/pull energy of opposites is held deep within out own physical bodies.  To create a field of balance and coherence within our chakra pillar (our energetic bodies), we can tap into Quantum Field Technology, an alchemical tool for creating extraordinary, transformational change.

Quantum Field Technology isn’t new to the Earth.  It began long ago in the Ancient Mystery Schools in Egypt.  The teachings of the Mystery Schools were handed down throughout the ages and civilizations from Master to Spiritual Initiate.  In the Great Mystery Schools, the initiates were given access to sacred texts that taught initiates about spiritual alchemy.  They learned mastery of Advanced Physics, utilizing consciousness, light and the lost crystal-based technology, once called the “Ark of the Covenant.”  These students learned how to activate Vortex Technology integrated with alchemy to make a quantum leap in they spiritual development.  In modern times, we can use a similar crystalline technology to access the Quantum Field.

What is Zero Point Energy?

Zero Point Energy is found in a vacuum state within a vortex or a black hole that produces a Zero Point Field.  Everything on Earth, including ourselves is composed of energy.  Einstein was the first scientist to identify Zero Point Energy and believed our physical bodies were supported by a grand force field of energy that connected everyone and everything together.  Before Einstein, scientists believed and taught that space was an empty void of nothingness.


Quantum Physics is the new science where scientists explored subspace particles and Zero Point Energy on a deeper level and discovered the reservoir of energy called the Zero Point Field or simply “The Field.”  Research about the Zero Point Field was validated by Lynn McTaggart, an author and investigative journalist who wrote “The Field.” In “The Field,” Ms. McTaggart cites recent scientific discoveries that demonstrate there exists an all encompassing field of energy that connects man and matter together.

In this field, it contains the blueprint of our existence.  Everything can be traced back to a collection of electrical charges that are continually in contact with this endless sea of energy.  The Zero Point Field appears to provide the explanation for countless known phenomena including:  gravity, electromagnetism, clairvoyance, telepathy and the spontaneous healing of wounds.

How can we access Zero  Point Energy:  by utilizing Quantum Field Technology (spinning crystalline light around our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies).  We can use this as an alchemical tool to release all discordant energy outwards and infuse light of our soul’s frequency into our chakra pillar to create balance and harmony in our bodies.  The significance of this is we can finally break free of emotional patterns that have kept us stuck and create a harmonious flow of energy within ourselves and the planet.   We will be living on a new Octave of Light!

Check out of upcoming meditations starting in January, 2019.  If you have any questions, please contact Sue Marcus at



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