Working with the Light Frequencies of Azeztulite Crystals

Crystal Therapy is gaining a lot of popularity and can create profound changes in our energy field. Have you ever felt the extraordinary energy of crystals or gems?  They have fascinated us since the dawn of time.  Ancient civilizations used crystals for a variety of purposes.  They were said to be masters of crystal alchemy and used them in healing and as powerful sources of energy.  There are so many crystals that have high vibrations but a stone called “Azeztulite” stands apart from all the rest.

As the planet’s vibrations have been increasing, it is important for us to find vibrational tools that can assist us while we make major shifts in our bodies as well as our energetic fields.  We have blessed with a high vibrational stone called “Azeztulite.”  Azeztulite is a variety of white quartz but resonates to a higher vibration of light and holds a pure vibration like no other stone.  The name Azez means “Nameless Light,” and the embodiment of the light is the Great Central Sun, and this stone is said to carry the incredible energy of the Great Central Sun. For those not familiar with The Great Central Sun, it is the center of cosmos, the point of integration of the Spirit-Matter cosmos, and the point of origin of all physical-spiritual creation.  To be in the Great Central Sun is to be in the pulse of creation.

Azeztulite should be handled with care if you are not used to working in the spiritual realms or at high frequencies.  You must be well-grounded and use a variety of grounding stones such as hematite, smoky quartz, pyrite, etc.  It can help you evolve to a higher level and attune your energy field to receive high infusions of light into your upper chakras.  Most of Azeztulite’s healing work is at the spiritual vibration, working on the chakra connections to higher reality and facilitating a vibrational shift.  Its vibration then goes up into the higher chakras, to the crown chakra and into the soul star chakra and higher transpersonal chakras.

This movement of energy is like a surge of electricity through the body and can be felt very clearly.  The energy of this stone is quite strong, and it is said to be able to stimulate the kundalini to rise up the spine.  Awakening the kundalini can be a strong spiritual experience, so be aware that this stone is known to have potent abilities to stimulate your energy centers.

For those interested in working with Azeztulite, the high energy stone will allow you to raise your frequency and has been used on the third-eye to view past lives and future events. Azeztulite is used primary with the 3rd eye, crown and soul-star chakras.

I recommend reading “The Book of Stones” by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian.  There is an extraordinary story about how they found Azeztulite and the divine purpose it was brought to the Earth for humanity’s spiritual evolution.

I will be facilitating some upcoming Crystal workshops in “Crystal Healing” and “Crystal Activations.”  Come and discover the extraordinary power of crystals and how they can help heal us at a deep, cellular level.  Crystals resonate to the chakras and have a profound effect on our DNA.  

Kundalini is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning coiled up snake. It is the energy to nourish the TREE OF LIFE within us and has been seen as “The serpent power.”  It lies dormant as the base of our spine.  

Anandalite is a primary stone for activating kundalini energy and accelerates our spiritual evolution. It also awakens latent talents and gifts, psychic abilities and past life memories. 

Enjoy the extraordinary energy and change available to us at this time. Create a place of inner stillness within your chakra core.  Have a great day.

Blessings of Healing Energy.



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